Black Chucks X Profit X Sebastian Bleak Gas Mask

December 9, 2010 – All Black Chucks Gas Mask

The world’s grown dark, it was too little to late to repent our eco-sins and The Smog took over the City of Angels.  It’s now a city of demons and survivors.  When the Big One hit the heart of the city we were torn into five or six tribes.  The 405 and its canyon sized crevice separate some tribes where as what once was Wilshire Blvd isolates others and is now known as the ‘Great Divide’.  A chasm so deep even the scientific minds believe there is no bottom to its darkness.  Stories rehashed from Hollywood’s lore are told around burning trash like a neo-primal campfire.  In the Branding Wars there are many foot-soldiers, too few leaders and rarely are there businessmen.  Diego Bleak is a little bit of each, he’s the man you go to get things.  In a war won and lost by simple but well planned uprisings the man wielding the power of supply and demand is the craftiest puppet master of them all.  Descending from a deep rooted tree that dates as far back as the infamous Sebastian Bleak.

Here’s Sebastian Bleak sporting the newest gas mask part of MASK365 & the Branding Wars series.  Sportin’ in classic LA style the Dickies suit with the gas mask made from a couple pairs of all black Chuck Tayler Converse sneakers.  Bear witness…

Mask 207

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