Bear G.A.S. Mask – Mask #199

December 1, 2010 – Bear G.A.S. Mask

I’m just getting in from an amazing show at the Viper Room, Candyman 187 & The Havenotz proved Hip Hop will never die.  DOS!K opened up with a hard hitting and grooving set from behind the tables.  If you couldn’t make it tonight I’ll let it slide but don’t miss the next one.

Today’s mask is another Guerrilla Art Squadron joint for ya.  Much respect to Steve from Phusol for pointing out an Inuit style in the Shark G.A.S. mask, for this one I decided to really play with that and push it in that direction.  Each G.A.S. mask is a hybrid idea of animal and mask and I attempt to balance the two in a singular piece.  With the influence of totems I had a third set of aesthetics to weave in and I think it’s something that I will push for in future pieces.

‘Til next time true believers,

Freehand Profit

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