Arma-DILLA G.A.S. Mask – Mask 169

November 1, 2010 – Arma-DILLA G.A.S. Mask

This Guerrilla Art Squadron mask is a hybrid Hip-Hop tribute to the late great producer J Dilla.  J Dilla or Jay Dee worked his way up and built a reputation for creating the sounds of underground Hip-Hop.  He worked with artists such as Erykah Badu, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes and Common.  There are quite a few species of armadillos but only one, the nine-banded armadillo, that lives in the U.S.  Armadillo shells have been used in the Andes to make a lute called a charango.  Nowadays charangos are made from wood though.

Mike T, one of my favorite artists, did an amazing tribute piece to Dilla.  Vote for his work in the Official International J Dilla Tribute Art Contest!

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