Jason X Obey Halloween Costume – Obey Costume Contest Entry

Happy Halloween!

Sometimes it can be jarring to look up to a peer but when it comes to Shepard Fairey, otherwise known as Obey, any graffiti writer, tagger or street artist will tell you that the man has the game on lock.  He’s doing what any artist dreams of and he’s doing it well.  His work has a well developed language and has retained its soul while reaching over the aisle from the street to the fine art world.

October 31, 2010 – Jason X Obey Costume

When I heard through the Obey Facebook page that there was going to be a costume contest I knew I had to do something extra dope for it.  Afterall, I have been making a mask a day for 167 days (only 198 to go!).  So I started kicking around ideas, do I make an Andre the Giant mask… or maybe a soldier like the one in this print…

Good ideas but a wise woman once taught me that when you have a good idea keep thinking ’cause the next one will be even better.  So I started thinking about classic Halloween costumes, iconic ones that might capture the iconic nature of Obey’s work.  There were a lot of great costume possibilities… a Vampire X Obama… or a Frankenstein with eyeballs in his palms.  But for MASK365 I would need something with a mask…. that’s when it hit me.  There’s a reason you can buy hockey masks at Ralph’s during October, the “Jason” mask is both iconic and creepy.  I did some trials on a few different masks, what I came up with in the end was a mid-range glow in the dark hockey mask primered, textured with acrylic molding pastes, spray painted and then hand painted using acrylics to combine the classic Jason mask and the iconic Giant face by Shepard Fairey.

To tie the rest of the costume in with the mask I chose some Obey pieces to put on the coveralls.  The back piece was a rehash of the piece below to add the Jason mask and machete as well as changing 2 little letters to suit the mood of the costume.

Freehand Profit

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Boots says:

    This looks GREAT, and is conceptually sound as well- awesome work Profit!


  2. Lovella Stedronsky says:

    You should take part in a contest for one of the cleverest blogs on the web. I will highly recommend this site!.

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