Gucci Gas Mask Purse

October 29, 2010 – Gucci Gas Mask Purse

Ladies, are you worried about the oncoming apocalypse brought about by a disunited States of America?  The growing chasm between the rich and the poor, the polarization of our political leaders and the unchecked power of celebrity have spiraled even the Marvel Universe into Civil War.  As the “illuminated ones” have exhausted their barrage of economic and sociological warfare, their only way of corralling the survivors is chemical weapons.

Okay Profettes here’s the best part… no more lackluster, drab gas masks.  Protect your soft, pink lungs and keep the resistance alive with a designer gas mask and it’s your purse to boot!  MASK365 by Freehand Profit brings you the first designer GMP (gas mask purse), Gucci style.  After all:

“Just ‘case you’re beautiful on the inside don’t mean you can’t be beautiful outside too…”

Coming soon designer masks for your designer dog!

All joking aside, I have to thank the lovely Momma Cosio for allowing me to transform her purse into a dazzling monstrosity.  And also a big thanks to Ak, Blanca & Lexy for helping to make this photo shoot happen.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Betsy says:

    This looks FANTASTIC!

    Great idea, excellent design/execution, and really nice photos too!! So cool…

    I could totally see Paris Hilton or one of the Olsen twins sporting this thing…


    1. Just one of them? 😉

  2. Bana Fsheh says:

    Looks like u were at the pad… Hmmmmmm…….

    I like the mask idea!!!

    1. I was but the photo shoot was by my crib.

  3. El Zollo Loco says:

    I could see both Olsen twins wearing this Mask,as they are Dropped from a Blackhawk into Fallujah!
    Mary Kate says” Ashley,Watch ouuuut”,as a hail of shrapnel engulfs her 82 pounds of Boneshards,and disinegrates her. But Mary Kate thinks Fast! She throws on her Gucci Gasmask,Stuffs her desert eagle into her Loubuitton holsters,and rolls down a Sand dune. The opposition is close,but she is hiding under a Small pile of Camel Dung.If she didn’t have the “gas” mask,i dont think she would have made it.
    Zodiak Killa

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