Prepare to get chimp-slapped.

October 17, 2010 – Golden Chimp Gas Mask

This is that trusty bit of interesting brought to you by Wikipedia:

The first use of the name “chimpanzee”, however, did not occur until 1738. The name is derived from a Tshiluba language term “kivili-chimpenze”, which is the local name for the animal and translates loosely as “mockman” or possibly just “ape”.


This guy deserves his portrait to be painted.


Mask #154 of 365… only 211 left!

Apex from Classless Classics approached me about collaborating on some photos of masks like this one and the giraffe mask.  He went all out creating a set for the shoot, found models and shot the photos.  All I had to do was create the masks.  Check back to see the results.

Check out what he did with the Giraffe Gas Mask.

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