Name the Spot.

October 14, 2010 – Leopard Gas Mask

I of course went to Wikipedia to help me find something smart to say about leopards, some how I felt “They’re freakin’ cool” just wasn’t good enough.  Wikipedia delivered big time with their listing of the subspecies of leopards.  Each one looks a little different, that’s really cool to see.  Here’s what Wikipedia had to say:


As many as 27 leopard subspecies were once suggested, the number growing from the time of Linnaeus in the 18th century to that of Reginald Pocock in the early 20th century. In 1996, According to DNA analysis carried out in the 1990s only eight subspecies are considered valid.[13]Later analysis revealed a ninth subspecies, the Arabian leopard (P. p. nimr). Because of limited sampling of African leopards this number might be an underestimation.[12]

The nine subspecies recognised by IUCN are:[2][12][14]

A morphological analysis of characters of leopard skulls implies the validity of two more subspecies:[14]:

Sooo, now that we’ve studied some Zoology… time for some math…

Apex from Classless Classics approached me about collaborating on some photos of masks like this one and the giraffe mask.  He went all out creating a set for the shoot, found models and shot the photos.  All I had to do was create the masks.  Check back to see the results.

Check out what he did with the Giraffe Gas Mask.

Did you hear that a brand new leopard species was declared last March?

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