Free Music for True Believers

What’s good Profits & Profettes,

Got a treat for ya today.  LA’s venomous MC, Zodiak Killa just released his newest tracks as an exclusive to Profit Ink & Mask365 fans.  So here it is folks…  Machete!

Click to Download – FREE

Zodiak Killa has been terrorizing the streets of LA & soft-hearted MCs for years now.  Machete proves to be a staple of growth in his lyricism and delivery as well as artistically experimental.  Zo shows off his chameleon flows, bares his dark inner voices and their hopeful antagonists.  This album isn’t for weak stomachs or weak minds, it will test your boundaries but will leave you cheering for the villain.  Zodiak, S. Bleak & Freehand Profit have teamed up to help bring the West together again under the Coalition flag.  Working together with LA’s hungriest and most talents souls like Candyman 187 & The Havenotz, the Coalition forces are rising.  In a true D.I.Y. or die mentality, they’re going to make it happen by any means necessary.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Much love and respect to my man Zo K. When I first heard him spit on ‘Math’ I knew he had it. Props on the new junt my man.


  2. Winter Prison Pinnacle says:

    Zodiak & F.H.P. This iz a nice union right here. Yo, I’m knockin that “No Competition” as we speak. I dont even make sense 2 be able 2 get this type oh ill Hip Hop shit FREE! I already wuz feelin yo shit Zodiak, but lookin out with the free album…THATZ not only luv, but on tha real…thatz Hip Hop. I’m puttin catz up u, bruh. I got u.

  3. Sebastian Bleak says:

    Zodiak Killa’s latest album is an instant hood classic. Don’t short yourself, download it, burn it, and or put it on your iPod. This shit is fire!

  4. Akasha says:

    Zodiak Killa is my shilznit. I been bumping this fool since early 2000’s when he used to battle in Ventura,the 805 in cali.
    My favorite songs on this album are Unstoppable,Busted, and of course Akasha!
    Keep killing em,you’ll get your “Time to Shine” lol

  5. Iya Khan Sr says:

    Go son, you are the Bomb Baby!

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