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Throwback Crayons

Gather ’round kiddies!  Crayola has a 99% brand recognition in households across the country (read more about Crayola).  It’s no surprise, Crayola is hands down the first ‘art supply’ company we come in contact with.  Combine that with a stack of coloring books and I would get lost for hours.  Today’s mask is one that takes me back to those days.  I illustrated a gas mask and printed it out on card stock (heavy paper), I suggest you do the same when you print yours out ::wink::.  Color ’em your way and send ’em to  We’ll post ’em here and share it with the world like an online fridge door.  I like to combine Prismacolor markers with Crayola crayons for mine!

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October 11, 2010 – Coloring Book Gas Mask

Freehand Profit - Crayons & Markers
Freehand Profit - Brush Pens


Freehand Profit - Crayons - "Burger365 X Mask365"

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S. Bleak - Crayons

Betsy VanDeusen


Submit your version of the coloring book gas mask and win free loot from Profit Ink.orporated.  T-shirts, Music & Art!  Whaaaaaaat?!?!  Color however, with whatever you or your offspring want.  Just send it to by November 1st.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. jenlchristy says:

    😀 awesome!!!!!!!!! I love crayons still to this day. Nice throwback!

    1. Make sure you enter the contest Jen!

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