… Cry Later.

September 29, 2010 – Crying Drama Mask

Now that I’m strugglin in this business, by any means
Label me greedy gettin green, but seldom seen
And fuck the world cause I’m cursed, I’m havin visions
of leavin here in a hearse, God can you feel me?
Take me away from all the pressure, and all the pain
Show me some happiness again, I’m goin blind
I spend my time in this cell, ain’t livin well
I know my destiny is Hell, where did I fail?
My life is in denial, and when I die,
baptized in eternal fire I’ll shed so many tears

Lord, I suffered through the years, and shed so many tears..
Lord, I lost so many peers, and shed so many tears…

– So Many Tears –

Tupac Shakur

An onion can make people cry but there’s never been a vegetable that can make people laugh.
Will Rogers

4 Comments Add yours

  1. jenlchristy says:

    May I add you to my blogroll thingy? I LOVE YOUR WORK!

    1. Thanks so much Jenny, please do! How is your work coming along?

  2. jenlchristy says:

    It is coming along well! Thanks for asking! I am working on getting set up with the on-line pay pal stuff etc. etc. It is a bit of a process for me since I am new at it. But all is well. I would also like to perhaps work a few drawings up from your giraffe mask photos. Do you thin your ok with that? and would the model be ok with that? I could send you pictures of the work perhaps? (I was deeply moved by them.) 🙂

    1. Hey!
      I double checked with my buddy who took the photos. We’d love it if you used our photos to draw from. Make sure you post ’em up with a link to freehandprofit.com & classlessla.com 😉 Thanks!

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