Robots in disguise?

September 25, 2010 – Ancient Optimus Mask

Sure the theme song swore they were in disguise, and I get it they could pass for a regular truck or fire engine, but for robots that were supposed to be in disguise they were anything but discreet.  I’d say that’s at least one thing Michael Bay got right in the new films.  Sorry fan boys, sometimes I like sugar coated Hollywood magic… Megan Fox wasn’t hard to look at either.

This mask was done with spray paint and paint markers… my favorite.  Los Angelenos may recognize the Retna inspired writing, if you’re not in LA just pick up a copy of this month’s Juxtapoz.  He’s got murals all over the world but he reigns supreme out here.  Killer work, my favorite is a piece near Culver City.

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