I am…. (an altered version of)… IRON MAN!

August 3, 2010 – Reimagined Iron Man Mask

Tony Stark been rockin’ the bells since ’63 and now he’s a multi-millionaire for real, for real.  He started out fighting the Communist minions in the cupboard and is now using his palm blasts to take down corporate criminals (banks beware!).  Before Robert Downey Jr. though I didn’t care much for Mr. Stark, I always loved that suit though.  The Punisher was always a character that peaked my interest despite its epic failures as a blockbuster movie.  What I would have liked to have seen is if The Punisher got his revenge soaked mitts on the Iron Man suit… I guess this is what I had in mind… with the mask at least.

-Freehand Profit

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ashley says:

    Sweet, now all you have to do it build the rest of the suit… LOL

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