Shamrocks and Gas Masks

Today’s art is pain.  Pain staking attention to detail by the tattoo artist,  pain in the ass customers like me who want tiny ambigrams tattooed in the forehead of a gorilla gas mask, and the pain that comes with being tattooed.  But is it worth it?  It is if you have the right art and the right artist.  For that there’s no better place to be than Shamrock Social Club in LA.  Right there on the Sunset Strip, across the street from the Key Club (one of Candyman 187 & The Havenotz‘ favorite venues) you’ll find legendary artists and an environment that brings together people from all over.  Iconic tattoo artists like Mark Mahoney, Freddy Negrete, Isaiah Negrete and Danny Romo deliver unrivaled pain and beauty for their patrons.

Isaiah “BooBoo” Negrete has been putting eye catching ink into my skin since my first visit to LA.  He was the one to floor people with the Hellafant G.A.S. Mask tattoo he tattooed on to my left arm.  This time around it was the Gorilla G.A.S. Mask‘s turn for my right arm.  Isaiah is quickly building his name and his work speaks for itself.  His tattoos can be seen on rapper Jim Jones, his work has been seen on shows like “Gene Simmons: Family Jewels” and “Tough Love II” and with fellow Shamrockers Mark Mahoney and Freddy Negrete on History Channel’s “Marked”.   Next month’s issue of SWAG will feature an article and interview with Isaiah which will drop next week.

Big thanks to everyone at Shamrock Social Club.  You guys are the best in the world.

Thanks also goes to Betsy VanDeusen for lending her eye through a lens in documenting the event.  Check out more of her work at

Mark Mahoney admiring Isaiah's work
Freehand Profit getting inked



July 29, 2010 – G.A.S. Mask Tattoo

Welcome back to MASK365 folks, thanks for keepin’ up.  If you haven’t check the project out yet here’s the low down:

Masks in one form or another have been around since the Stone Age.  You’d be hard pressed to find something that has as many uses as mask; think about it for a minute.  Masks can be used to conceal your identity, to scare, to protect in work or in sports, they’ve been used as punishment, in fashion and on stage.  People wear masks for numerous reasons and each one gives that mask a personality and a story of it’s own.  Bikers wear them, doctors wear them, children, adults, cops, criminals, in fact we all wear them in some form.  Masks are in many ways immortal icons in cultures around the world.

So what!?  Well… I have started a project called MASK365.  I will be designing, sculpting, drawing, painting, wearing, folding, forming and all around creating a mask a day for a full year (inspired by Skull A Day).  Here’s where you come in… just swing by and check out the blog each day to see what he has in store for you.  Have ideas for a mask?  Post it as a comment on the blog and let’s see where this project takes us.  And don’t forget to check out Everything Burgerby Char.L.Ton, he’ll be doing the same project but with burgers (mmmm now I’m hungry).

You’ll notice that some of the pieces belong to another series of work called Guerrilla Art Squadron.  The project began as  tattoo art for Ca$h the bassist for Candyman 187 & The Havenotz.  The biomechanic style gas mask he asked for was starting to look like an elephant skull and that cartoon light bulb went off.  Since then Guerrilla Art Squadron has taken on a life of its own.

-Freehand Profit

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