Funny Munny

July 11, 2010 – Custom Vinyl Toy w/ Gas Mask #1

Ok here’s a little math problem for you…

A guinea pig leaves Santa Monica on a train at 57 MPH, the same train that is carrying radioactive waste that’s being used in secret government testing.  At the same time a truck full of Star Wars flight suits is leaving the studio lot headed for Burbank driving at 50 MPH.  At precisely 3:31 in the afternoon someone realizes there’s an effing guinea pig riding a train and chaos ensues.  Needless to say the train derails and leaps off the tracks crashing in to the very same truck carrying the ‘Holy Trinity’ memorabilia.  Realizing he has caused a horrible death for hundreds of people, our little rodent friend flees the scene with a radiation soaked flight suit.  In order to disguise his guinea-pigness he puts on the flight suit and at that moment his life is forever changed.  The radioactive waste fuses the flight suit to his body and he becomes… dun dun dun… this lil guy.  How many apples are left?

Just kiddin’ folks.  The vinyl toy revolution has been going strong for a while now.  I’ve played around with a few Munny blanks before but nothing I was too crazy about.  This time I was determined to make it happen.

Fresh Out The Box.
Step 1: Reshaping, cutting and sculpting the figure.
Step 2: Let's get this thing (Optimus) Primed.
Step 3: White undercoat.
Painted and Glowing!
Spin around for me

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashley says:

    The zipper is a great addition…and the skeleton on the outside gives it something extra too.

  2. Booters says:

    This is so great- and he GLOWS IN THE DARK!?!??!



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