Locked in each human skull is a little world all its own.

July 8, 2010 – Dual-Skull Goalie Mask

Hockey masks and skulls may seem a bit cliche, but that’s why I put a twist on it.  This bad boy is a skull when it’s upside down too.  One day I’ll figure out why I’m so preoccupied with turning things upside down and still having them function (in case you haven’t noticed, the Profit logo is an ambigram… still confused?  Check this out.)

The MASK365 project was inspired by Skull-A-Day so this one is a bit of a shout out to Noah for throwing down the artistic guantlet.

Zodiak Killa volunteered to wear the Dual-Skull mask and I gotta say it makes sense… check him out here.

Title quote by Robert Tusker

Big thanks goes out to the folks at Skull-A-Day for sharing with their readers our Skull Hockey Mask.  The homie Char.L.Ton showed me the Skull-A-Day project a while back and we decided to do our own “a-day projects”.  You should really check out his Burger365 project.  Being creative everyday has reinvigorated my passion and energy in my art.  To be honest it has breathed life in to that part of me that art school had just about destroyed.

If this is your first time checking out the Skull Hockey Mask you may recognize Zodiak Killa sporting the mask.  If you’re not familiar with him and recognize real Hip-Hop then you should really take a listen.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashley says:

    Woooooooow! I’m diggin this one a lot. Love how you can look at it upside down…only you!

  2. Booters says:

    This one’s super fun… and thanks for the bonus “lesson” about ambigrams!

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