Los Angeles declares war on graffiti

L.A. city prosecutors seek injunction against ‘MTA’ tagging crew – latimes.com.

I’m not going to argue its legality or condone destruction of private or government property.  However I do feel that such actions against graffiti artists represent a declaration of war on art itself.  The LA city attorney this morning on the radio claimed the city will make no distinctions between graffiti artists, taggers and violent tag-bangers.  This would make fellow artists like Banksy and OBEY (Shepard Fairey) enemies of the state and according to the Office of the City Attorney no arrests are required to file charges against an artist.  The case against MTA is using “documented cases” and “eye-witnesses”, let’s hope you were right when you told us conspiracy nuts that Big Brother wasn’t really watching and building a dossier on its own citizens.

-Freehand Profit

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