A lesson, A Freebie & A Friday with Freehand…

Designers use a multitude of different techniques and tools when creating a new design whether it’s for a logo, t-shirt or album cover.  One of the tools designers sometimes use are stock images.  These might be photographs or vector shapes & illustrations.

“Vector?” – you say with puzzled look on your face.  One eyebrow reaching for the sky.

There are raster images and vector images.  Raster images are what you stare at everyday in a multitude of scenarios.  You know what pixels are right?  Nod your head child, don’t just sit there with your mouth agape (you’re starting to draw flies).

(you nod.)

Ok, so a raster image is made up of pixels kind of like pieces of tile that make up a mosaic.  If your image is made up of too few tiles/pixels then they’re more noticeable and you get a pixelated look.  That’s called resolution, higher the resolution the more pixels and the sharper the image.

Low Resolution / High Resolution

“Why did I read all that?  I knew all that.” You say, smug and content with your comfortable knowledge of raster images.

Slow your roll slim.  This was all to explain better what vector images are.  A vector image doesn’t have any pixels, it’s made up of shapes, paths and fills that can be resized up and down and sideways, from a business card to a billboard without ever becoming pixelated.

Vector Paths

There’s a lot of great design firms developing the tools for designers.  My personal favorite is GoMedia Arsenal.  I’m working on a series of vector stock images for designers to use that will be available on FreehandProfit.com.  Until then, in the meantime in between time today’s mask is the very first release and a free download of a vector gas mask.

June 18, 2010 – Vector Stock Gas Mask

Click to Download.


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