Where My Dogs At?

Today’s mask is from the Bully Breed Batallion (a Branch of Guerrilla Art Squadron).  Everybody needs a day job and for almost 5 years my day job was working as a dog trainer/walker.  Everyday I went to work with my dog Winston and together we would train and supervise dogs in a cage-free daycare environment.  We did this on both coasts, at Woofs! in Virginia and Cagefree K9 Camp here in LA.  Both places care for a treat peoples dogs as their own.  I never understood the fascination with bully breeds until one day my dad brought home a rescued pit-boxer mix named Winston.  Despite his occasional consumption of my art supplies, he has been my closest friend ever since.  I’ve worked closely with all types of breeds and even though they have a bad rap I don’t have even a scratch on me from a bully breed (can’t say the same for golden retrievers or labradors though).  So here’s to the loving pitbulls, the gentle ox american bulldogs, the smiling amstaffs and all the wedge headed mixes that people cross the street to avoid.  The dogs that may never be understood by everybody but regardless love and are loved by their owners.  Today’s mask is the Bully G.A.S. Mask, enjoy and throw your bully a milkbone from me…

-Freehand Profit

May 30, 2010 – Bully G.A.S. Mask

Plus some pics of my boys (& girl)

Winston "The Stunner" Xavier
Bishop Senka *Photo by Ashley Finco
Scandalous AKA The Golden Nugget AKA Baby BunkBunks
Freehand Profit & Drama (Presa Canario)

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