The Masks in the Hood Are Always Hard…

This one is one of my favorites so far for sure.  I took an old black hoody and cut off the hood, took the drawstring out and stitched up the opening.  I cut eye holes, scanned it in and printed out a template.  I drew out one half of the mask and scanned it right back in.  Cleaned it up a bit and used Adobe Illustrator to recreate it as vector artwork.  (Huh?… Read up!)  Here’s where it’s a bonus if you work at a custom T-shirt shop like I do.  I used a plotter to cut a vinyl material that is used for decorating garments to then cut and press my design onto the hood.  And there you have it, Mask No. 5.

‘Til tomorrow True Believers,

Freehand Profit

May 21, 2010 – The Hoody Mask

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Justin says:

    dope work Profit.

  2. lissa gibson says:

    Pretty freak’n cool!!

  3. flauntvida says:

    grossss …lol :0)

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