And they wonder why I chose LA…

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Finally got a chance to check out the LA Downtown Art Walk last night… they weren’t playing when they said 15,000+ people come out every month.  It was a helluva night, amazing art, killer DJs, specialty food trucks, good friends, a turquoise meanstreak and beautiful Los Angelinos.  I went a managed to only spend $3.50 but I’d suggest bringing an appetite and a little bit of cash ’cause you’ll want to try a lil somethin’ from almost every food vendor.  I had a Peanut Butter Banana cupcake from Cupcakes A GoGo and if they’ll have me I think I’ll marry any one of those beautiful bakers!  The Art Walk goes on every second Thursday of the month, look for me in the sea of art-minded folk… I’ll be there.

Mmmmm... sexy cupcakes!

…And that ain’t it for y’all Art Stars.  Tonight is the opening for DEMIGODS & COSMIC CHILDREN by GIOVANNI REDA at Subliminal Projects.  I’ve been to a lot of galleries, a lot of shows and exhibits and a lot of openings and Subliminal Projects always has amazing work to see.  The opening is from 8 – 11pm tonight, May 14th.

-Freehand Profit

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