Return of the Greats

Ice Cube never left but it needs to be said… he’s baaaack!

I don’t know if I dig the sombrero look from an aesthetic point of view but I get it and respect it.  Let’s be honest Ice Cube’s albums haven’t always been on par with “Death Certificate” but he always delivers albums that the West Coast can be proud of.  Jay-Z is hailed as the greatest rapper alive, and I probably wouldn’t argue with you BUT… not every album he released was on par with “Reasonable Doubt” or “The Black Album“.  So why doesn’t Cube get the honors his East Coast peers get?  I’m partial to the idea that the West just doesn’t get the credit it deserves even though I’m a transplant from the East.  New York will always be the Mecca, the heart of Hip-Hop if you will… but if you ask me Cali got the soul.  Key thing to take from it all is not to argue over who is better, we’ve worked hard and come a long way from the East Coast/ West Coast beef of the ’90s.  What needs to happen is a unification of West Coast artists (rappers, DJs, b-boys, writers and all around Hip-Hop heads), as with all movements organization and lack of in-fighting is what builds strength and momentum. has a great editorial called Meditations on Hip-Hop, take a read.

In case you haven’t heard… Reflection Eternal is back on the scene!  May 18th Revolutions Per Minute drops and I am counting the time in break beats ya dig?

The rumors have it that Black Star may be releasing another album and by the sound of History on Mos Def’s last album it’ll be on point. 

‘Til next time True Believers,

Freehand Profit

Rest in Peace & Beauty, Lena Horne (June 30, 1917 – May 9, 2010).

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