Zodiak Killa slaughters another track…

I’m tellin’ you right now you can’t stop this cat.  Zodiak Killa is a West Coast MC & true to life lyricist and despite the fact that he continues to eat up anyone in his way he stays hungry.  ‘Busted’ is on some even more next level shit, storytelling, stylistically like standing on a fault line during an earthquake.  Why is it that real Hip-Hop is being kept underground?  The music industry just like the clothing industry is flooded right now.  Every kid who has read Dr. Suess and heard Kanye West thinks he can rap and every cat who’s written their name in bubble letters thinks they can start their own clothing line.  Chase your dreams youngters but evaluate your dream first and make sure you have the tools to do so.  In the meantime in between time true artists like Zodiak Killa will remain a diamond needle in a haystack rough, ya digg?  Be easy, stay greasy.

‘Til next time True Believers,

Freehand Profit

One Comment Add yours

  1. Dr Koul says:

    Yes I confirm, Zodiak Killa is one of the illest MCs to bless the Mic’!

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