Maybe Y’all Have Heard It…. But Just In Case…

Slapped the iPod on shuffle yesterday while workings on a study for an upcoming painting and I was knocked off my feet by a track that has gone unplayed since I got it a few months ago.  Nas is one of the rappers I put in the category of legends but in a different way than most.  Nas is a legend for maybe 10% of his verses (ex. Rewind and/or One Mic off Stillmatic, I Gave You Power off It Was Written, It Ain’t Hard To Tell off Illmatic) as opposed to a rapper like Rakim who upholds a standard of high quality lyricism or a rapper like E-40 who keeps changing the game (just my personal opinions folks).  I didn’t expect to find a gem like this on DJ Khaled’s album, no offense meant there homie you always bring heat but this time you brought fire!  John Legend is usually hit or miss with me but he kills it too… but Nas bleeds Hip-Hop through his words like miraculous hemoglobin tears from a statue of the Virgin Mary.  Listen up Hip-Hop heads and hear the healing heartbeat of our beloved.  Hip-Hop is not dead, she’s just been catatonic…  One Love.


Freehand Profit

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