Freehand Profit at work…

What’s up true believers?

Check out some videos of your favorite starving artist doing what he loves.  I’ve been working with the new Wacom Cintiq 21 tablet and it is freakin’ uncanny.  Bear with me now cuz it’s been a few years since I’ve edited videos and lord knows I ain’t workin’ with Final Cut Pro over here.  But for now just kick back and see a few days work slammed into the length of a Havenotz track!  I got some really fun projects in motion right now and I’ll try to keep you posted through the blogs but make sure you become a fan of our Facebook page for fast updates.

Dubstep is taking over fools and my homie Taylor Flinn (hot like heroin) with DUBSPA is gonna take y’all by storm.  Check out the logo we put together for him…

This reminds me… I still gotta finish this piece.  Anyway, it was posted a view months back but the quality was shit so here it is once again..

Just a lil piece that started as a sketch I did on the bus (Blue Line 7 baby)…

Get up, get out, get noticed… Guerrilla Art Squadron!

Freehand Profit

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