Throwback Thursdays!

What up Profiteers?

Sebastian Bleak, Freehand Profit and Char.L.Ton are gonna be teaming up to bring y’all Throwback Thursdays in order to make your memory trip.  Inspired partly by the return of KDAY to LA we thought it was time to show some love to the forgotten by the masses but permanently ingrained in our own memory type of tracks.  Freehand Profit had to give it up to the Fu-Schnickens, Sebastian Bleak brought Another Bad Creation back around & Char.L.Ton delivered classics from Pharcyde and Onyx.  Classic Hip-Hop never goes outta style like Adidas tracksuit with the shelltoes to match.

Peep these videos & stay tuned…

Freehand Profit

Freehand Profit’s Pick

Sebastian Bleak’s Pick

Char.L.Ton’s Pick

Group Pick

Slam by Onyx

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