Happy Birthday Hip-Hop!

This you gotta see, NBA & Nike showin’ love to ’90s Hip-Hop.  And I do mean you gotta “see” this, it’s not much for the ears… they’re no Shaq-Fus HA!

Happy Birthday Hip-Hop… give or take a few days I would imagine but AllHipHop.com reports today, August 11, 1973, as Hip-Hop’s birthday.  Raise your 40 oz, your Hennessey, your shot of wheat grass or whatever fills your pimp cup to the originators, the makers & breakers, the greats and the unknowns.  I wouldn’t be standing where I am today without Hip-Hop and I know a lot of you feel the same way.  So despite the distorted image that the funhouse mirror of a media portrays our One true love let’s celebrate who we are… Hip-Hoppers since a toddler.

Also, Facebookers need to check out Give Profit, a neat little Facebook App that the homie Charlton set up that allows you to send Profit tees and Candyman 187 EPs to your friends as digital gifts. Pass some Profit around!  While you’re there make sure you become a fan of Profit Ink.orporated Clothing and Candyman 187 & The Havenotz.

Word from the homie Sebastian Bleak is that 13th Sky will be releasing a new EP by the end of the year, the title is under wraps but no doubt the devil will be involved.  Big shout to Apex & Classless Classics (a fellow Los Angeles clothing line), that new design is killer.

Don't forget to check out the new portfolio at FreehandProfit.com.  There's a brand new piece of Eldrige Cleaver that you're bound to dig.

by Freehand Profit
by Freehand Profit
Peace, Love & Guerrilla Tactics, Freehand Profit

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