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What up Profiteers?

I’ll be setting up this blog to keep you posted on all that’s going on with Profit Ink.orporated Clothing and The Havenotz. August is a big month for everyone. We are setting up meetings with stores like PacSun, Up Against the Wall & local stores in the Los Angeles area in order to get Profit Clothing in to all of your favorite shops. On August 22nd, Candyman 187 & The Havenotz will be performing at an A&R showcase at the Key Club in LA. Make sure you come check out what’s going to be a killer performance. We need to show out in full force so the music industry knows we’re sick and tired of auto-tuned, watered down, mindless lyrics. This is our chance as the Hip-Hop community to choose what path Hip-Hop will walk down. Also check out updates made to as well as take a listen to real lyrics, real music, real Hip-Hop. Big props to the Profit and Havenotz Street Teams, people have been seeing our names and logos everywhere thanks to you. Check back here to see new designs, photos and videos of what Freehand Profit, Candyman 187 and The Havenotz have been up to.

-Freehand Profit

PS- In case you haven’t seen it yet there’s a new portfolio up as well as viewable line sheets.

Flyer for Aug22nd Key Club Show
Flyer for Aug22nd Key Club Show

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